Washing machine maintenance tips

If you wish to keep your washing machine clean –επισκευή service πλυντηρίου– and working properly, then you need to know some basic things first. In this article, you are going to find all the useful things you need to know about washing machine maintenance! If you are willing to follow these tip, you will not need to change your appliances frequently, but you will get to keep them for quite a while!

Keep odors away from your appliance and your clothes!

The washing machines work hard and for several hours, with washes from stained and dirty clothes. It is no wonder, then, that the washing machine sometimes has an unpleasant odor, which may have been created by bacteria that have grown from the detergent, fabric softener or low temperatures. To keep odors away from the appliance and therefore your clothes, follow the tips below for a clean and hygienic washing machine.

The first thing you should do is, every time the washing machine is finished, dry the parts that have moisture left. Wipe the door and the “drawer” of the detergent-softener with a soft and dry cloth and thoroughly clean the door hose.

Leave the door open to allow ventilation

As bacteria are known to grow in dark and humid environments, every time you take out freshly washed clothes you should always leave the door and the “drawer” of the detergent open to ventilate the inside of the appliance.

Also, make sure you put the washing machine on when you are sure that you will be home and not before you leave for work or before going to bed, so that you can take the clothes out of the tub immediately when the washing is over. This way bacteria do not grow due to moisture and your clothes will not be too wrinkled.

Use the proper detergent

You should also pay special attention to the dosage of the detergent you use, because too much detergent can cause many problems in the device, but also in your clothes. First of all, it is possible that at the end of the program the whole product is not dissolved and therefore remains in the bin, thus causing the development of bad breath. In addition, its residues may begin to accumulate in the pipes of the appliance, with the risk of clogging and dirty water from the wash. The result, of course, is the growth of bacteria in your washing machine.

If you want to be sure that the washing machine and the pipes will always be clean, we suggest you once a month or every two months, depending on the washes you do, to put the washing machine to do a washing without clothes, in a program of 90 degrees Celsius and with a very small amount of detergent. This way you will disinfect everything and have a fresh washing tub.

Mistakes to avoid in order to maintain your washing machine fresh

1. Leave the washing machine door open between washes. Leave the door open after each wash so that mold does not grow inside and on the door hinge. Also, opening the door allows your washing machine to smell fresh and not “closed”.

2. Never clean the water filter. It is good to do here and there a good wash in the washing machine filter. This is necessary because dirt collects everywhere from the clothes you washed and clogs the filter. This not only affects the washing machine but also affects the cleaning of your clothes.
washing machine

3. Do not do an empty wash with hot water. Although many detergent companies claim that you do not need to wash with hot water, the low temperatures do not wash your clothes well and do not completely remove dirt. Where and when it is good to do a wash without clothes, with hot water and without detergent to rejuvenate your washing machine.

4. Do not forget to clean the detergent compartment. Old detergent can block the wash if the case in which it is placed is not cleaned properly. Take it out often and clean it with warm water. It is something very simple and fast.

Call the washing machine experts for a repair

If you keep following our advice and yet your machine is still smelly or it won’t properly, then we suggest that you call an expert. In 24gr.gr, the washing machine technicians are highly skilled and qualified to repair your appliances and get them to work properly. Make sure that you give them a call when you are in need of a maintenance or a repair.

Please remember that washing machines are complicated appliances and that you do not need to interfere with their systems. If you are not an expert, you could cause additional damage and then the repair cost would be higher and even double! Let alone irreparable!

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