Design and protection in mobile phone cases and smartphone accessories

Most companies creates premium mobile phone cases – θήκες κινητών – and accessories for your favorite devices, with a special style and functionality. Its products have been designed with absolute care and precision so as to offer top protection while giving a special and unique look. Indicative of their minimal lines and simple design, which take off the look of the iPhone and highlight the style of the Apple Watch.

Mobile case

Smartphone cases offer security and style with their minimalist design. In you will find the ideal case for iPhone 12. The Lino Hue series is made of soft silicone to provide protection from everyday use while the Lifepro Tinsel series has a perimeter bumper, absorbs vibrations offering complete protection and of course supports wireless charging of your device. If you want a case that will not alter the unique design of your device and at the same time will protect it, then choose Air Fender. It is transparent, does not add volume to the iPhone and is enhanced with 360º AirShock technology to protect the smartphone from falling.

Apple Watch straps

Smartwatch straps are coming to change and highlight the look of the Apple Watch. The Mondain Strap is the epitome of the straps, as in addition to the elegant and elegant design it gives a classic and modern look with the unique leather look. On the other hand, the Strova Strap is made of premium stainless steel, applying perfectly to the wrist, giving timeless elegance.

AirPods Pro cases

But Thikishop accessories do not end here. Keep your AirPods safe with AirPods Pro cases. They are light so you can carry them everywhere with you, while their elegant and simple design will definitely catch everyone’s eye. They are reinforced with a double layer of protection, thus protecting the AirPods Pro from daily wear.

At you will find premium mobile cases for all models!

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