It is said that marriage kills love. Golden Diamond Escorts agrees that is true partly. it’s a fact that nowadays we hear more and more about married couples who no longer have sex.

Sex may be common at the beginning of a relationship, but as time goes by, the mood for sex and contact decreases, even throughout the marriage. The passion has waned, the problems are coming forward and sex seems to be a necessary thing to do. It is a fact that a large number of married couples do not have sex for a variety of reasons. Often during the marriage, over time, the love interest between the partners is lost.

Routine, daily chores and stress are factors that threaten sex life. Most husbands lie down in bed and stop talking. They hug their pillow tightly, turn around and the next morning you can find them in the same position. And this is something that can become a habit. Stronger than sex itself. The surprises and originality that give breath to the relationship no longer exist. Sexologists and marriage counsellors who are working with married couples reveal to us what are the most common sexual problems that concern them.


1. There is no time for sex.
2. Sex became boring.
3. My husband wants sex all the time.
4. We haven’t had sex in a long time.
5. Sex causes me pain and I avoid it.
6. We are too tired to have sex.
7. She wants to be psychologically ready and I want her to be physically ready.
8. She wants spontaneous sex. I want to schedule sex.
9. We are no longer on the same frequency. Some want one, the other another.
10. We lost our passion.
11. I’m not in the mood for sex.
12. We often disagree. Then I’m not in the mood to have sex.
13. I’m tired of always making the first move.
14. He doesn’t try the things I want to do.
15. He doesn’t do anything to irritate me.

However, experts point out that the more time you are not having sex, the more you feel that you are not interested in it. Researches have shown that the more sex you have, the more sex you want.


How to save your marriage

The relationship is a daily job with high productivity requirements and a tough schedule. The relationship is also the “conflict” or if you prefer the meeting of two worlds. Ours and that of our partner. This process is undeniably difficult and sometimes exhausting. Because from the meeting and the “conflict” we must reach the coupling of the two worlds. Not for any other reason than because there is no other way.

Because the initial feelings of excitement that make everything look great are replaced by other emotions along the way. On the one hand, love and companionship, but on the other hand, wear and tear. So that’s where the work required by the couple comes into play.

The magic recipe of relationships

Human relationships do not have a magic recipe and are not fun and games all the time. Like nothing in our lives. Everything has difficulties, everything has setbacks and the only way to beat them is extra work.

For every married couple, “I accept to marry you” is the easy part of the case. The hardest part of the story is that “they live well and we live ever better.” It takes effort, patience, communication, understanding and mutual concessions to achieve a good relationship and marriage.


Problems that brink couples to divorce

The most common problems that couples bring to the divorce are lack of communication, financial problems, problematic communication, such as frequent or intense quarrels, sexual problems, infidelity. Also, problems in children can cause problems in the relationship. If, for example, the two partners cannot agree on the common cruise line they must-have for the upbringing of their children.

The basic tips to save your marriage

Couples who want to save their marriage need to look more closely at some aspects of their relationship. So what should they do? A marriage counsellor, Esther Perel, has 5 basic tips.

1. Don’t rely on your spouse for everything

Accept the difference between you and not depend on your spouse for everything. Have your own identity as a person and do not tend to possess.

2. Do things a little differently sometimes (especially in bed)

Routine is a very dishonest thing in a marriage. We are talking about daily life without stimuli with special meaning. Daily work commitments, the busy schedule, the stress of having the house clean, the food cooked and the children read, can very easily make the couple lose their love affair and feel routine. That’s why it’s important to try to do things a little differently each time and not fall into the trap of doing everything mechanically and predictably. Make an appointment, cook together, do an activity together, organize an excursion at night … Do something different in sex


3. Put your selfishness aside and seek reconciliation in quarrels

There’s no such thing as a quarrelsome couple, but it’s the way you argue with your partner that determines if your relationship will last. If a couple disagrees with respect, composure and understanding, then they are more likely to endure over time. When you argue with your spouse, don’t expect him to apologize and make the first reconciliation move. Put aside your selfishness and who is right, and make the first move to find them. The point is to find them and not who is right and wrong. You are not opposite, side by side.

4. If love is gone, don’t panic

Every relationship goes through many stages and many times the love part can have its ups and downs. When that happens, all you have to do is panic and think that your marriage is starting to fall apart. How you feel about your spouse will change over the years. And this is very normal, says marriage counsellor Esther Perel. If the good old days that were full of interest and action have passed, then others who will have companionship, understanding, love and mutual respect will have taken their place.

5. Don’t compare your marriage with your friends

Focus on your wedding and don’t look at what those around you are doing. The perfect relationship that your friends post on Instagram is completely fake. Most people tend to show those around them a perfect picture that does not correspond to reality. Many try to beautify situations to show others that they are good at marriage. A good relationship is one that requires effort and doesn’t forget that no relationship lives on the autopilot.

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