The bag is the ultimate women’s accessory and we often invest a lot of money in bags of all kinds – γυναικείες τσάντες – . Most of the time, however, we end up having a pile of bags in our closet and using only 2-3 bags.

This can be stopped and we can no longer waste our money unfairly by making the right choices. This can be done if we consider what are the basic bags and of course we choose safe colors to match most of our sets.

There are so many designs and versions and you often think that no matter how many bags you have, they are never enough. However, before investing in the third impressive clutch, see below the bags that are essential for every woman’s wardrobe.


In recent years, backpacks have gained a lot of popularity and fanatical audience. They come in many designs, shapes and sizes. They are extremely convenient as bags as they allow us to walk carefree without having to constantly lift the bag that falls from the shoulder.

In addition, they add style to our everyday style and complete the urban look. We would suggest you to choose one in medium size since it is the most practical and suits different circumstances. A backpack is the ideal bag for a day away from home from morning to night. It fits everything, from your personal items, to a second t-shirt, the bag with your cosmetics and of course your charger.

Classic shoulder bag

A classic shoulder bag is essential for our wardrobe. It can end up weighing 5 kilos, but it is undoubtedly our daily tool. A medium-sized bag helps us to have with us every day what we need. It would be best if you intend to get a piece that will be timeless and will keep you investing a little more money in this option because with daily use and weight they wear out quickly.

Your daily go to choice, a medium sized bag that accompanies your every look. If your everyday bag is in a bright color, it gives a statement touch to even your simplest, everyday look.



A handbag is certainly not very convenient, but if you have it in your closet it will save you in many cases. It usually comes in a rectangular size, but can also be round.

It is very useful for your afternoon walks or for an evening out that you will want to keep something in between that does not look like a daily bag or a clutch.


You do not need many words for clutches. It is the ultimate choice for any evening look. It perfectly complements your every appearance, with your good dress or even your jeans combined with the high heels.

Make sure you have in your collection a small black bag that is always chic and at the same time matches all color combinations. The necessary accessory for an evening look. An impressive clutch that fits the essentials and gives style to the outfit you have chosen.


Cross Body

Another essential bag for your collection are the ones with the big strap that we wear crosswise. There are many sizes available and depending on your needs and the use you want to make you can find from the smallest to the largest.

Since it crosses your whole body, it is another accessory, so you can choose one with beautiful details and give style to your whole look. It is usually worn in two ways , crosswise and straight on the shoulder  and is ideal for all those times when you want to stay stylish with your hands free, when for example you go shopping.

Travel bag

And of course a big travel bag is always necessary. To be stylish even on a weekend trip or to the gym, choose a nice bag that suits your style. You do not need to carry a whole suitcase to stay overnight with your boyfriend. A large bag that holds all your personal belongings, but also as many extra things as you may need on a long flight, is a must for any wardrobe.

Make sure you make the right choices and you will be covered in every occasion without breaking the phones with your friends to lend you the bag you need every time.

You need one for every occasion in order to have with you everything you need and at the same time to be elegant. It does not have to be a designer bag and have the signature of a designer. In the market there are countless options, which are quality and address every budget. We have gathered all the types you need!

There are many ways to take off an outfit, but in reality nothing can go wrong if you complete it with the right bag. Balancing between practicality and style, every woman’s favorite accessory is an integral part of every outfit and, if you think about it, a small extension of yourself, as it contains your personal items, money, keys, a pill, your lipstick, etc.

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