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These are the best beaches of Santorini

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Red Beach

The Red Beach is definitely one of the most impressive, not only on the island, but in the entire Aegean. Red and black rocks, dark blue crystalline waters, tile sand and black pebbles make up this spectacular corner of Santorini with its underwater hot volcanic springs.


One of the largest beaches on the island is Perissa, with its fine black pebbles and picturesque pier. On the sandy beach there are many sunbeds unlike the other beaches of the island, which will satisfy those who do not want to carry their own equipment.


One of the places in Santorini that brings the visitor in touch with the essence of the island and its uniqueness is Thermi, one of the caldera beaches. Small black pebbles reach the waves, while the red volcanic rocks give their own color, both to the landscape and to the water, which usually takes on a dark, deep blue hue.

The small church of Christ in Thermi, as it is called, whitens from the rock and often gives the beach its name, as it is simply called “Christos”. But the name Thermi came about because at this point the land of Santorini has given another “gift”: springs of hot water spring from the ground, while in the past there were also baths on the spot.

Santorini is located in the southern Aegean and is one of the most popular tourist islands in the world. A huge rock from the “guts” of the earth in the endless blue, welcomes visitors from all budgets and from every part of the world.


Kolumpos is the beach of Santorini located opposite the underwater volcano of the same name, in the east of the island.

It is only 4 kilometers from Oia and to reach it one has to continue on the short path after the paved road – if one is lucky and chooses Kolumbo in the right season, one will find it decorated with small wild flowers from the nature of the island.

The beach is secluded and unorganized. The black pebbles and red rocks create a unique feeling and a very special landscape. At one end of the coast a towering white rock is formed, where the seal cave is also located, an interesting formation.

Usually this particular beach is preferred by the youth, while in Santorini it is also known as the beach par excellence where one can practice nudity.

Baxedes or Paradisos

Baxedes or Paradisos is the name of the long beach near Oia of Santorini and it is equally known by both names. It is long, organized in a large part of it and very easily accessible from the central coastal road that runs through the northeastern areas of the island.

The dark sand, or even fine pebbles in some places, ends in the crystal clear blue sea with the endless view of the Aegean. As the waters are shallow, the beach is considered ideal for families with small children, who can enjoy playing with the water in relative safety, especially on days when there are no strong winds.


Just below Oia, in the northernmost part of Santorini’s caldera, is Armeni beach. In the past, Oia’s merchants used the small port to load their goods onto ships and export them, but today it is one of the quietest parts of the island. busy village.

Its crystal clear waters tempt even the most difficult visitor for a swim, while right next door there is a tavern that can satisfy his culinary needs. The absolute silence, the view towards the volcano, Oia and the rest of the caldera settlements, the unique waters that hide so many treasures due to the particularity of the bottom, make swimming in the small harbor an exceptional experience.


The closest beach to Oia, Santorini, is Amoudi, located just below the settlement, at the “foot” of the caldera, ideal for diving with a unique view of both Oia and the volcano. Following the coastal path, after the end of the shops, the visitor arrives opposite the rock with the chapel of Agios Nikolas of Peramatari.

Although he will not find a beach in the usual sense, only rocks, it is almost impossible to resist the wonderful, mysterious sea of ​​Santorini with its crystal clear waters and not dive in to swim either along the shore or up to the islet.

We have gathered here beaches in the island of Santorini that are worth visiting at any time of the year, even if you don’t feel like swimming.

A journey of harmony, relaxation and tranquility that enchants with the endless blue, the countless sunsets fading into the seabed and a volcanic aura that only inspires awe in Santorini.

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Replace the old door with a security door

Replace the old door with a security door

Can I replace my old door with a security door – πόρτες ασφαλείας – through the Home Savings program?

Yes, with the Home Savings program you can replace the door of your home with a new security door. All that is sufficient is to have a corresponding certificate of the coefficient of thermal permeability, as security doors are included in the eligible interventions that are subsidized through the “Home Savings” program.

So you can save money by installing an Alfino Door security door – of high standards and unsurpassed aesthetics. Here we help you ensure the protection of your space alongside all other eligible home energy upgrade costs!

Our company participates as a supplier in the Home Savings program and our company’s security doors are certified with a Thermal Permeability Factor Um: 1.6 !!

Call now for more information about security doors and security locks and offers and we are sure that our well-qualified staff will answer all your questions.

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Essential bags for every woman’s wardrobe

The bag is the ultimate women’s accessory and we often invest a lot of money in bags of all kinds – γυναικείες τσάντες – . Most of the time, however, we end up having a pile of bags in our closet and using only 2-3 bags.

This can be stopped and we can no longer waste our money unfairly by making the right choices. This can be done if we consider what are the basic bags and of course we choose safe colors to match most of our sets.

There are so many designs and versions and you often think that no matter how many bags you have, they are never enough. However, before investing in the third impressive clutch, see below the bags that are essential for every woman’s wardrobe.


In recent years, backpacks have gained a lot of popularity and fanatical audience. They come in many designs, shapes and sizes. They are extremely convenient as bags as they allow us to walk carefree without having to constantly lift the bag that falls from the shoulder.

In addition, they add style to our everyday style and complete the urban look. We would suggest you to choose one in medium size since it is the most practical and suits different circumstances. A backpack is the ideal bag for a day away from home from morning to night. It fits everything, from your personal items, to a second t-shirt, the bag with your cosmetics and of course your charger.

Classic shoulder bag

A classic shoulder bag is essential for our wardrobe. It can end up weighing 5 kilos, but it is undoubtedly our daily tool. A medium-sized bag helps us to have with us every day what we need. It would be best if you intend to get a piece that will be timeless and will keep you investing a little more money in this option because with daily use and weight they wear out quickly.

Your daily go to choice, a medium sized bag that accompanies your every look. If your everyday bag is in a bright color, it gives a statement touch to even your simplest, everyday look.



A handbag is certainly not very convenient, but if you have it in your closet it will save you in many cases. It usually comes in a rectangular size, but can also be round.

It is very useful for your afternoon walks or for an evening out that you will want to keep something in between that does not look like a daily bag or a clutch.


You do not need many words for clutches. It is the ultimate choice for any evening look. It perfectly complements your every appearance, with your good dress or even your jeans combined with the high heels.

Make sure you have in your collection a small black bag that is always chic and at the same time matches all color combinations. The necessary accessory for an evening look. An impressive clutch that fits the essentials and gives style to the outfit you have chosen.


Cross Body

Another essential bag for your collection are the ones with the big strap that we wear crosswise. There are many sizes available and depending on your needs and the use you want to make you can find from the smallest to the largest.

Since it crosses your whole body, it is another accessory, so you can choose one with beautiful details and give style to your whole look. It is usually worn in two ways , crosswise and straight on the shoulder  and is ideal for all those times when you want to stay stylish with your hands free, when for example you go shopping.

Travel bag

And of course a big travel bag is always necessary. To be stylish even on a weekend trip or to the gym, choose a nice bag that suits your style. You do not need to carry a whole suitcase to stay overnight with your boyfriend. A large bag that holds all your personal belongings, but also as many extra things as you may need on a long flight, is a must for any wardrobe.

Make sure you make the right choices and you will be covered in every occasion without breaking the phones with your friends to lend you the bag you need every time.

You need one for every occasion in order to have with you everything you need and at the same time to be elegant. It does not have to be a designer bag and have the signature of a designer. In the market there are countless options, which are quality and address every budget. We have gathered all the types you need!

There are many ways to take off an outfit, but in reality nothing can go wrong if you complete it with the right bag. Balancing between practicality and style, every woman’s favorite accessory is an integral part of every outfit and, if you think about it, a small extension of yourself, as it contains your personal items, money, keys, a pill, your lipstick, etc.

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Design and protection in mobile phone cases and smartphone accessories

Design and protection in mobile phone cases and smartphone accessories

Most companies creates premium mobile phone cases – θήκες κινητών – and accessories for your favorite devices, with a special style and functionality. Its products have been designed with absolute care and precision so as to offer top protection while giving a special and unique look. Indicative of their minimal lines and simple design, which take off the look of the iPhone and highlight the style of the Apple Watch.

Mobile case

Smartphone cases offer security and style with their minimalist design. In you will find the ideal case for iPhone 12. The Lino Hue series is made of soft silicone to provide protection from everyday use while the Lifepro Tinsel series has a perimeter bumper, absorbs vibrations offering complete protection and of course supports wireless charging of your device. If you want a case that will not alter the unique design of your device and at the same time will protect it, then choose Air Fender. It is transparent, does not add volume to the iPhone and is enhanced with 360º AirShock technology to protect the smartphone from falling.

Apple Watch straps

Smartwatch straps are coming to change and highlight the look of the Apple Watch. The Mondain Strap is the epitome of the straps, as in addition to the elegant and elegant design it gives a classic and modern look with the unique leather look. On the other hand, the Strova Strap is made of premium stainless steel, applying perfectly to the wrist, giving timeless elegance.

AirPods Pro cases

But Thikishop accessories do not end here. Keep your AirPods safe with AirPods Pro cases. They are light so you can carry them everywhere with you, while their elegant and simple design will definitely catch everyone’s eye. They are reinforced with a double layer of protection, thus protecting the AirPods Pro from daily wear.

At you will find premium mobile cases for all models!

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Painting that Neutralizes Pollutants and Exhaust Gas

Painting that Neutralizes Pollutants and Exhaust Gas

How would you feel if I told you that there is a paint for painting walls in the house that can neutralize pollutants and exhaust fumes? And yet, there is and I am here to give you all the details.

By choosing to paint with Gikas Painting Painters NJ, you are sure that you have chosen a top quality company that uses paints that will give value to the space you live in.

Gikas Painters use paint that has mild photocatalytic properties, i.e it helps to neutralize the exhaust gases and pollutants that are present in the house, while at the same time it provides strong antimicrobial action (even certified by an official body abroad). So, simply painting the spaces with paint will help to create a healthier atmosphere in your home! Innovative!

Also, these are colors that I really like because they are absolutely opaque, can withstand frequent washing and have a great matte finish. In addition, they are available in thousands of wonderful shades that I like (get inspiration here).

But let’s see together what are the steps for the right painting process

Before you start the process of painting your house (autumn is an ideal time to do it) you should do a proper preparation of your walls.

The walls should not have any dust before you start painting them

Good dusting The first thing we do in the beginning is to clean all the walls we intend to paint. You want your surfaces to be clean from dust and debris but also dry. To dust your walls simply put a piece of cloth on a broom and run all your walls from top to bottom to remove dust. Also do not forget that the paints are very resistant to frequent washing with detergents and are odorless. For me these are two very important qualities.

Preparing walls

To have a successful result you must prepare well the surface you want to paint. This means that you will have to scrape, fill holes, dents and cracks that may exist so that there are no imperfections on your surface. I will never forget this step since it is one of the most important. The positive thing with the colors of Paints is that even a small thing on the wall will not escape you since the matte finish can effectively “hide” the imperfections.

Painting tools

To paint yourself without the help of a specialist you will need a brush, a roller or an airless gun which you will find in stores that sell paints. To clean all your tools after painting, you will simply need warm soapy water.

Tip: If you get your clothes dirty with dye then you should know the following. Plastic paint comes out of clothes very easily because it is water based and does not contain hazardous solvents. Especially if the stain has not dried before, your job is very easy. Wash your clothes with plenty of water and rub them lightly. However, if the stain has dried you should take more drastic measures. Try rubbing rubbing alcohol on the stain and rubbing your clothes lightly. If it does not come out with the first, repeat as many times as needed.

Drying time

A wall will need around 1-2 hours to dry after painting. It will take 1-2 hours for a freshly painted room to dry.


Before you start painting, dilute the paint by adding a maximum of 150ml of pure tap water (about half a glass of water) for each liter of paint. Mix well and get started. My opinion is to apply two coats of paint for a perfect result. After the end of your work, close the container well and you will be able to use it again in the future if you need it. All you have to do is store it in a cool environment.

Matte result

If you love matte colors – I really like it – then the colors have everything you are looking for in one color. They give an incredibly beautiful and uniform matte effect that you have never seen before.

Vivid color that does not fade

The first thing I look at in a color when I am in the selection phase is to be vibrant, not to fade and not to lose its luster. Master’s bright white and thousands of vibrant shades stand the test of time and yellowing. This dye has strong antimicrobial activity, certified by the internationally recognized IMLS institute.

Children’s room

One very important thing that I want to emphasize and you should definitely keep in mind is that a children’s room should be painted with colors that will help keep away from your child pollutants, germs and exhaust fumes. Besides, how much to ventilate the room of your little one at winter months when temperatures are so low?

It is worth noting that in New Jersey there is an increase in the incidence of asthma in children in the last 10 years. Surveys of 1988 and 2002 have shown very worrying results, including that about 10% of children living in the greater area suffer from asthma, while the corresponding percentage reaches 11.7%. Imagine how much the rates have gone up today, 15 years later.

But because things are constantly evolving, paints is here to provide you with a range of colors that help create a healthier atmosphere in your home! Choose one of the thousands of unique painting shades for the walls of the children’s room and decorate the space with colored decorations to give it character.

Blue is one of the colors that calms children whether they are boys or girls. Colors such as light green and light blue – which are ideal for a children’s room for both boy and girl – are great choices that will make your children spend their time in their room.

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Amazon, Alphabet, Salesforce back Databricks at $28 billion valuation

Andy Jassy, main govt officer of website solutions at Inc., listens all through the Amazon World-wide-web Providers Summit in San Francisco on April 19, 2017.

David Paul Morris | Bloomberg | Getty Pictures

Databricks, a start out-up whose application helps organizations promptly procedure substantial sets of facts and get it ready for investigation, stated Monday it has elevated $1 billion in clean funds, like from a few outstanding company buyers. Amazon World wide web Companies, Alphabet’s CapitalG undertaking arm and Salesforce Ventures all joined in, according to a statement. Microsoft, which invested in Databricks earlier, is also collaborating in the new round.

The transaction, which values Databricks at $28 billion, displays the top rated three U.S. cloud vendors realize that the organization represents an opportunity related to Snowflake, a further organization with cloud program that can help organizations regulate facts.

Databricks rose to prominence simply because it helped companies put into practice a model of Apache Spark, an choice to the Hadoop technologies for storing loads of distinctive kinds of facts in substantial quantities. It can support clean up up knowledge for exploration in info visualization program these as Salesforce-owned Tableau. The Databricks computer software gives businesses a straightforward way to operate this sort of program, with out possessing to be concerned about configuring and updating it. Progressively Databricks is also progressively aiding corporations deploy synthetic-intelligence products.

“We’re 100 % cloud-indigenous,” Databricks CEO Ali Ghodsi advised CNBC in a 2019 job interview. That same theory applies to Snowflake, which Salesforce experienced also invested in and has demonstrated strong earnings progress adhering to its initial community presenting last yr.

Amazon, the biggest cloud provider, did not place income into Snowflake before it went public. Now it truly is investing in Databricks at a afterwards stage than it has traditionally carried out.

Nominations are open for the 2021 CNBC Disruptor 50, a list of non-public begin-ups making use of breakthrough engineering to turn into the future era of fantastic public businesses. Post by Friday, Feb. 12, at 3 pm EST.

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The UAE is offering citizenship to foreigners, sees economic potential

The UAE is offering citizenship to foreigners, sees economic potential